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It all started when...

The L.E.E.P to College Foundation Mentoring Program mentors high school and college students on the path to success.  The success of a mentoring relationship depends in great part upon the contribution made by the mentee and mentor.

The mission of the L.E.E.P Mentoring Program is to create educational, leadership and career opportunities for under-served high school students in our community through relationships with a volunteer mentor.

Our mentoring program is solely based on our volunteers.  A volunteer opportunity for local college students, community leaders and business professionals to connect with students from various high schools in Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia. It is about taking full advantage of educational resources, career opportunities your willingness to serve and share your expertise in our community and building exceptional leaders.



In the L.E.E.P2 Mentoring Program our high school scholars, 9th-12th graders, are matched with college students from our university partners along with individuals from local business and community based organizations encourage, motivate and promote college and career readiness for our L.E.E.P scholars.

Mentor teams of two individuals ( a partner university/college student) and a volunteer from the business or community based organization, will co-mentor teams of two L.E.E.P high school scholars; forming teams consisting of 2 mentors + 2 mentees with the goal of developing a College and Career Plan. Through the L.E.E.P2 Mentoring Program, our L.E.E.P scholars will be able to create a focused personal, academic and career-related plan for their future.



The Bridge2 College Mentoring Program aims to ease the academic and social transition from high school to college for first-year students by connecting them with other college students from our partnering university/college. 

This program will address the three biggest concerns first-year students generally have about transitioning to college include: 

  • Adjusting academically,
  • Meeting new people/getting involved and 
  • Living away from home. 

The Bridge2 College Mentoring Program offers support to our college Scholars who are either first-generation student and/or attending an out-of-state post-secondary educational institution. The Mentoring Program will offer support by providing a one-to-one relationship with a current university/college junior or senior student mentor who volunteers to help the new student be more successful and have a positive college experience.  Mentors draw upon their own experiences to provide friendship, suggestions and guidance on everything from classes, study strategies, campus organizations and resources.  


College students, business and community leaders  the 2 + 2 equals more with you!  We understand that your time is limited and being a mentor is a commitment, but there are many ways you can help. If you feel you cannot make the commitment needed to be a mentor you can participate by helping our scholars develop workshops, volunteer as a guest facilitator, or sponsor a workshop, lunch or activity at your place of business. The possibilities are endless. 

Let the journey to an impactful future begin!    

1. The Application

If you are interested in becoming a L.E.E.P2College or BRIDGE2College Mentor please click here to begin application process.

2.The Background Screening

All mentors must complete a Background Screening.  Please click here to complete your background check.