• UNCF: In addition to offering African American scholarships, UNCF provides a number of support programs for African American students to help them apply to college, stay in college, reach their educational goals, and network professionally. UNCF also works with 37 partner colleges to help ensure the retention and success of students.
  • NAACP: The NAACP is an advocacy organization that promotes equality and civil rights for African Americans. The NAACP also hosts conventions, award ceremonies, professional networking events, and policy forums for members. Additionally, the association works with the Poise Foundation to provide African American scholarships and other resources for college students.
  • NBMBAA: The NBMBAA is one of the country’s largest professional organizations for minorities. It provides internship opportunities, African American scholarships, and business education resources to college students. Additionally, it offers an annual conference, access to a network of over 9,000 professional members, job coaching, a job search board, GMAT test prep, and more.
  • NSBE: The NSBE is an invaluable resource for African American engineering students and professionals. The organization provides internship opportunities for students, job search tools, conferences, camps, conventions, and more. It also provides information about scholarship opportunities for members and helps members connect with corporate partners to learn more about professional opportunities.



  • Latino College Dollars: Latino College Dollars is an online search tool for finding Latino scholarships and other college funding opportunities for Latino students. The site is run by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and provides access to over $2.4 million worth of scholarship possibilities. For students applying to colleges, the site also offers a college search tool.
  • NCLR: NCLR is a research, advocacy, and policy organization for Latino Americans. NCLR works with high schools and colleges across the country to help promote equality for Latino students. Additionally, NCLR works with over 300 affiliate organizations to help provide Latino Americans with better access to jobs, education, and more.
  • HACU: HACU works with over 470 post-secondary institutions to provide services and resources to Latino college students. The association also offers internships, scholarships, and college retention programs to Latino students around the world. HACU’s job readiness programs help recent college graduates find fulfilling careers and apply what they learned in college to their careers.
  • ALPFA: ALPFA is a professional association for Latino Americans that provides them with networking opportunities, career development programs, and career search tools. Over 72,000 professional and student members belong to ALPFA. Its regional student symposiums, which take place around the United States, provide college students with professional workshops and opportunities to network with key business leaders in their areas.

Additional Scholarship Resources

  • FAFSAThis is the website where students can fill out a FAFSA form to figure out which types of financial aid they can receive. It should be the one of the first resources students use in their quest to finance their college educations. Students should keep in mind that filing a FAFSA requires a social security number and information about their families’ incomes.
  • U.S. Department of Education Funding InformationThis site provides students with additional information about federal loans and grants. It offers resources about loan repayment options, consolidation, and payment plans. It is also a source of helpful links to information about specific lenders students may be borrowing from and how to get in touch with those lenders.
  • U.S. News and World Report’s Paying for CollegeThis section of the U.S. News and World Report website is full of relevant information about loans, scholarships, budgeting while in college, saving for college expenses, paying for an online education, and more. College students who feel like they should brush up on financial literacy topics will find that this resource brings a lot to the table.
  • FastwebA search tool for scholarship opportunities for college students, Fastweb is a great starting point in a student’s search for financial assistance. Fastweb also provides resources and links to help students figure out how to pay for college. Additionally, the site offers career advice and a college search tool.
  • UnigoUnigo is an online database of college, scholarship, internship, and student loan options. It also provides information about possible college majors and career paths for students based on their majors. Unigo has a particularly useful list of scholarships that minority students are eligible to apply for based on factors such as financial need, extracurricular interests, and academic achievement.
  • Forbes High Dollar Scholarship ListCollege students and high school seniors who are looking for some of the highest paying scholarships will benefit from perusing this list. These scholarship awards provide students with up to $50,000 in annual funding, which can certainly make a dent in overall college costs. Many of these scholarships are looking for students who demonstrate both financial need and academic accomplishments.


  • FinAid CalculatorsFinAid’s innovative calculators help students figure out how much their post-secondary educations will cost, how much they should try to save for college, and how much they should seek in funding in terms of loans, grants, and scholarships. They also help students calculate things like interest on unsubsidized loans and the amount they will pay for loans post-graduation.