Parent Commitment


L.E.E.P TO COLLEGE FOUNDATION, INC. is a non-profit solely reliant upon its parent, business and community volunteers.  The success of our organization's activities and fundraising is dependent upon each volunteer's, especially the parents' participation and commitment.  Parent involvement is part of our mission and is required.  Parent involvement and commitment is one of the components reviewed within the Scholar application process. Each two-parent family is required to volunteer at least 10 hours along with fundraising commitments during the program year and a single-parent family is required to contribute at least 5 hours with a fundraising commitment.  Families who are unable to contribute time can have the option of donating resources and materials to the organization.


Keeping Track of your volunteerism

  • Donated time, talents and resources are recorded on a contribution statement.  Each hour volunteered is valued at $15.00
  • Contribution of time, talent and resource reports will be distributed twice a year from the information provided by the parents recorded on the Parent Application information.
  • Dependent upon parent participation/commitment, a scholar may not be invited to re-enrolled for the following year due to a lack or inconsistency in parent participation.

There are three ways to contribute to the L.E.E.P Program…

  • Talents -Any donated professional service such as:
    • Professional services
    • Technology or secretarial services
    • Leadership session facilitator
    • Mentor
    • Corporate experience
  • Time - Any way that you spend helping L.E.E.P TO COLLEGE FOUNDATION, INC. such as:
    • Leadership Session/Service Learning helpers or field trip chaperones
    • Mentor, Academic Coach or Facilitator
    • Attending mandatory parent meetings
    • Being a member of Foundation committees 
  • Treasure - Any goods or money for the Foundation use such as:

    • Office supplies and support
    • Printing materials
    • Grant Writing
    • Public Relations
    • Hospitality 
    • Snack and lunches for sessions or meetings