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Coaching Sessions

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You sign up for Leadership Coaching Sessions. Coaching sessions are mandatory and an integral part for all Scholars, program managers and mentors of The L.E.E.P program. It allows for building strong relationships, supportive foundations, academic and social success for The L.E.E.P program. The failure to complete monthly coaching sessions could result in Scholar dismissal or disqualification for scholarships, internship or externship. Each month students sign up on The L.E.E.P website for a thirty minute coaching session lead by either a program manager or a mentor to talk about academic and social successes and challenges. Based on the dialogue between the program manager/mentor three goals will be set: Academic, Leadership and Personal. Once the goals are discussed and set, a plan is created to attain goals. The three goals will determine the role(s) of the program manager/mentor and Scholar, resources, plan and timeline to attain the goals mutually set.

Academic Success

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is given when the Scholar’s grade point average no longer progresses. It is expected that each Scholar in The L.E.E.P program maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher in order to be competitive and academically sound for scholarships, college admission and internships. On a quarterly basis, Scholars must submit their report card. Scholar and Program Manager will create a plan to increase GPA by first exploring options made available through their high school and community, i.e., teacher support, school counselor, peer tutoring or in-house tutoring programs, etc. and if none are available a tutor will be secured by L.E.E.P at no cost to the Scholar or family and retained until adequate progress in achieved. Please note that Scholars must have a Gmail account to upload their progress report/report card.


All L.E.E.P Scholars are assigned a professional and college mentor. Volunteer professionals and college students become the mentors of the Scholar. These mentors are identified through recent L.E.E.P Scholar graduates, university, community and business partnerships. Mentors are assigned to Scholars and provide unique exposures to university life on local college campuses twice a year, corporate experiences four times a year as well as social and academic support. Scholars and mentor set times to meet, at least ten (10) hours a month, to check on the Scholars progress in The L.E.E.P program. These meeting are supervised by a program manager and communicated to the Scholar’s parent/guardian.

L.E.E.P2 Mentoring and Bridge2 College create partnerships to connect the under-served high school community (L.E.E.P Scholars) by engaging students, students within our university partnerships, and leaders from the local business community in a mentoring relationship that is mutually beneficial for all. The program will benefit all L.E.E.P middle, high school and college Scholars, providing them with guidance, encouragement and support in college, career and business development.

College students have the opportunity to serve and to engage with their local community, to share their specific educational and college preparation knowledge, to be a positive influence in the lives of high school students in the L.E.E.P programs, as well as to be mentored in turn by local business leaders.

  • Business partners would share in these same benefits, but would also be able to give back on two different levels to students at different stages of their career development. Through this program they will be able to engage and develop the community in a rich, multi-level fashion, as well as to increase the stature of their organizations as community leaders and provide externships/internships opportunities.

  • Relationships developed with both sets of students could lead to entrepreneurial ventures, successful internship and job placements, as well as long lasting mentoring relations.

Description of the L.E.E.P2 Mentoring Program: L.E.E.P2 Mentoring program in which our high school scholars are mentored by students from our university partnership along with individuals from the local business and organization community. Mentor teams of two individuals ( a partner university/college student) and a volunteer from the business and organization community, will co-mentor teams of two L.E.E.P high school scholars; forming teams consisting of 2 mentors + 2 mentees with the goal of developing a College and Career Plan (CCP) for each mentee. The mentee will be able to create a CCP which focuses on personal, academic and career-related areas to include the following:

  • College portfolio (resume, personal statement, essays, college choices, college major, etc.)

  • Individualized college goals

  • Individualized career goals

  • Personal development goals The College and Career Plan will be evaluated through written CCP and final presentation to mentors and parents at the closing session. High school scholar mentees will be able to gain knowledge of the college process, introductory knowledge of business skills in the area of:

  • Financial literacy ( money management and how money works)

  • College preparation

  • Career exploration

  • Entrepreneurship and marketing

  • Leadership

  • Network exposure (to college students and business professionals)

Description of Bridge2 College Program: The Bridge2 College Mentoring Program aims to ease the academic and social transition from high school to college for first-year students by connecting them with other college students from our partnering university/college. This program will address the three biggest concerns first-year students generally have about transitioning to college include:

1) adjusting academically,

2) meeting new people/getting involved and

3) living away from home.

The Bridge2 College Mentoring Program offers support to our college Scholars who are either first-generation student and/or from out-of-state. The Mentoring Program will offer support by providing a one-to-one relationship with a current university/college junior or senior student mentor who volunteers to help the new student be more successful in the College. Mentors draw upon their own experiences to provide friendship, suggestions and guidance on everything from classes, study strategies, campus organizations and resources. Benefits to mentor/mentees:

  • BETTER ADJUSTED – Research shows that first-year Mentoring Program students are better adjusted and earn higher grade point averages than first-year college students not involved in the program

  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT – Mentors gain valuable leadership, communication and professional skills through their one-to-one relationship with their mentee, monthly program events and on-going trainings

  • PRIORITY ADVISING – Mentors and mentees are contacted before other students about scheduling advising appointments and planning future semesters (would be key if we can identify a mentor at mentees school of attendance)

  • PROFESSIONAL/CAREER SKILLS – L.E.E.P College Scholars make connections with leaders in the L.E.E.P To College business and community partnerships and receive information about internships and job opportunities.

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