Thank you for your interest in the L.E.E.P to College Foundation, Inc. We are currently accepting applications for school year 2019-2020 from students in 7th-12th grades. 

L eadership. E ducation. E mpower. P erformance


The L.E.E.P TO COLLEGE FOUNDATION is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The Foundation primarily is engaged in providing resources and support to middle, high school and college students from under-represented and under-resourced communities and schools within all Maryland, Virginia counties and the District of Columbia.

We have high expectations for each Scholar and parent. L.E.E.P TO COLLEGE FOUNDATION, INC. challenges you to focus on your school work, become better prepared to attend the best college and making a positive impact as professional and community leader. We know that with a strong desire to succeed, every student can do well in middle/high school and college. Our Scholars prove us right every year. Our students come from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds, and what they have in common is a desire to succeed.

Leadership Sessions

L.E.E.P TO COLLEGE Scholars will participate in monthly Leadership Sessions, which are typically held on local college campuses on 2nd Saturdays from 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m. or 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m., depending upon Leadership themes and objectives. Please note times and dates are subject to change. Any change, to the schedule, will be communicated at least 10 days in advance. Each session is designed to develop leadership, communication, academic and social skills. Leadership Sessions and curriculum are uniquely prepared by educational, community and business leaders to help each Scholar achieve individual and group goals. Leadership Session themes, objectives and goals are shared with Scholars and parents prior to each session.

Leadership Session Dates

  • September 8th (Orientation)

  • October 13th–Financial Literacy & Management: Part I: Check and Balances

  • November 10th- Teen Mental Health Summit

  • December 8th - Philanthropy through Service: Service Learning Project Development

  • January 12th– Financial Literacy &Management: Part II: Investment and Tax

  • February 9th–Public Speaking 101: Capturing Your Audience & The Building Blocks to Greatness

  • March 9th–What is Your Brand? & Resume’ Writing & Interviewing Skills

  • April 5th & 6th- B.I.G. Youth Leadership Conference

  • May 4th- Power Lunch: Understanding Business Etiquette

  • June 8(Breakfast of Champions End of Year Celebration)